Regular Event Preregistration

If you have not preregistered here before, please read the following:

The purpose of this page is to allow people to preregister for selected orienteering events hosted by the Western PA Orienteering Club (WPOC).  The goal is for WPOC to get an idea of the demand for an event (so that sufficient materials can be on hand) and to expedite your start at the event itself.  Preregistration for the events listed below does not create an obligation on your part.  Your preregistration is only an act of intent - you are saying that at the moment you intend to come to the event. Simply select the event and click the Preregister button.  You may change your registration at the event, if necessary.  If you think you may have already preregistered but are unsure, you can check with the blue link below. Also, using the pink cancellation link below, you may cancel your preregistration. Preregistrations and cancellations are cutoff 2 days before an event to allow processing. If you want to add members to a preregistered group, you may preregister them as a separate group and combine groups at the event.

No money is collected through preregistration.  Fees are paid at the event.  

For all non-club member participants at an event, a waiver of liability must be signed.  Adults can sign at the event.  For a minor at an event with a parent or guardian, the parent/guardian must sign the waiver for the minor.  For a minor coming to an event  without a parent or guardian, the waiver form can be obtained online here  Have the parent or guardian sign this form for the minor; the minor can then bring the form to the event.  If you have not seen the text of our waiver and want to study it before coming to an event, go to waiver

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