Club Documents

The following are links to various documents that define the operations of the club and report what the club has been doing.

 WPOC Bylaws
This document defines the structure of the club and how it operates.  It describes the responsibilities of the club officers and the board of directors.  It also outlines the purpose of the club and how it operates financially.

 WPOC Policies
Currently, there are two policies here:  a Reimbursement Policy to describe what costs the club will reimburse its members for, and an Honorarium Policy that describes how honorariums and stipends for presentations are handled.

 Reimbursement Form (pdf)  or   Reimbursement Form (doc)
This is the form that must be filled out to claim reimbursement for expenses.

 Annual Meetings (agendas and minutes)
These are the agendas and minutes from past annual general meetings.  These meetings take place in November of each year.  Financial information is not available at this link.

 Year End Reports
These are the year-end reports sent to the membership at the end of each year.  The financial information associated with the original reports has been removed.