Raccoongaine Waiting List

Please read these directions before filling in the form.

This form is used to add a Team to the waiting list for Raccoongaine X. A Team consists of an individual or group which will stay together in going around a course. The form is only for Teams waiting for the Raccoongaine X event to take place on March 30-31. You need to provide the information for ALL of the required fields before clicking Add to Wait List. Entries on the waiting list will be contacted if slots become open in the race(s) they are waiting for. The Waiting List will be processed in the order entries are added to it.
Note: Only choose "Both days" if you insist on doing both races; if you are willing to accept one race on either day, get on the waiting lists for the 3-hour and 6-hour separately.

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If you do not see a message accepting the wait request here when you click Add to Wait List,
you did something wrong.
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