Urban Scavenger Hunt

Pittsburgh South Side Slopes


Using an orienteering map, go to the circled-numbered locations in any order or sequence, and once on location, look around and try answering the corresponding question.  Here is a link to the Orienteering map  and here is a link to the Questions

 You can start anytime, anywhere.  You can do it all in one session/day, or you can stagger and divide the task it into multiple days.  You have complete freedom on how you want to do this.

 The only rule is that you must not trespass into what may seem private property.  Stay on public streets, sidewalks, pedestrian ways, pedestrian stairways, public land.

 Once you are done, submit the answers by sending e-mail to  westpennsylvaniaorienteering@gmail.com    They will be compared and checked using a master question/answer sheet.

 Have fun.

Important Note:  By downloading the map and questions, you are implicitly agreeing to the WPOC waiver of liability  with regard to attempting to do any part of or all of the scavenger hunt.