Directions to Wm D. Boyce Park (East side)

Coming from the East (the easy way):  On Route US 22 about 1.5 miles east of the turnpike, take Route 286 East (Golden Mile Highway).  Go for about 1.7 miles and turn left on New Texas Road (at Burger King).  This road takes a 90 degree right in about 0.1 miles and you need to bear left after another 0.4 miles.  From the Burger King follow New Texas Rd 2.3 miles to Boyce Park, entrance on the left; park in the lot just before the tennis courts.

Coming from the East on Route 286, see above; Coming from the East on Route 380, see alternate.

Alternative Route:
Follow the directions to the Picnic area, given below the map; but do not enter the park at the entrance.  Instead, follow Tressle Rd for an additional 0.5 miles; you will come to Route 380, Saltsburg Rd (at stop sign).  Turn right (east) and go 1.3 miles to New Texas Rd (at stop sign).  Turn right on New Texas; the entrance to the park is only about 200 yards on the right; go just past the tennis courts and park on the right.  We will start from the ------------ Shelter, watch for the orienteering club banner.

Directions to Wm D. Boyce Park  (West side)

From the PA turnpike (Interstate 76), at exit 57, take Business 22 west toward the Monroeville mall and follow the common directions below.

From the Parkway East(route 376) going east, take the Plum exit (84B) to Mosside Blvd.  Turn right at the light and follow the common directions below.

From route 22 heading west at the entrance to 376, follow Business 22 past the entrance to the PA turnpike and follow the common directions below.

From Business 22 heading east, turn left at the light at Mosside Blvd and follow the common directions below.

Common directions:  (see map above)

At the first traffic light on Business 22, turn right (north) on Mosside Blvd.  There is a Honda dealership and a Hampton Inn on this corner.  Go straight through the interchanges to a traffic light where the Old Wm Penn Highway crosses and Mosside Blvd changes into Haymaker Rd.  Continue on Haymaker Rd to a Stop sign at Beatty Rd.  Go straight; almost immediately you will start down a hill; you should see a large sign that says "Boyce Park" and a road branching to the right; go to the right - this branch is an entrance to Monroeville Trestle Rd, also called Center Rd. (or continue 40 feet down the hill to the Stop sign and turn right there onto Monroeville Trestle Rd).  The total distance from Business 22 to Monroeville Trestle Rd is 0.7 miles.

Follow Monroeville Trestle Rd. east and north for 1.6 miles to the entrance to Boyce Park.  You will see signs along the way to the Wave Pool in Boyce Park; do not follow them.  Once you enter the park, bear left at the first intersection and follow the road until come to another intersection.  There make a right and an immediate left.;  you shoud see the orienteering club banner on your left.  We are at the Hillcourt shelter.

Note:  The route along Mosside Blvd, Haymaker Rd. and Monroeville Trestle Rd is also marked as part of the "Orange Belt".  You will see signs for this.