Pine Ridge Park
8 November 2020
Orienteering Meet

It was a very warm day for November; the temperature was up to 70 with a lot of sun and little wind.  We had a larger than expected turnout, probably partly because of the weather.  There were 46 starts from a total of 85 participants.

Ryan Knecht designed five challenging courses; all of them had substantial climb - an unavoidable characteristic of Pine Ridge.  Although the times were somewhat slow, everyone seemed to have a good time.  The Advanced Short course was really the first half of the Advanced Long course; consequently, it was set up as a map exchange so both participants  on both courses would have an option:  at the map exchange, anyone could decide to just return to the finish or go on the the Advanced  Long course.  We had some participants do each of these.  Kevin Fisher won the Advanced Long course by a substantial margin; however, Todd Pownell actually beat Kevin through the first five controls - see the splits.

Thanks to Andy Shissler, Laurie Opila, Giuseppina Mecchia, Ryan Knecht and Gavin  Phillips  for handling registration.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Gavin Phillips to conducting instruction - I know Joe was kep particularly busy.  Thanks to Sherry Shank for helping with start/finish.  And thanks to John Huffman, Eric Steinbring, Alexis Rzewski, and Kevin Fisher for doing control pickup.

You can view the splits for the courses at splits

You can view the photos that Alexis Rzewski took at the event by going to photos

201108 Pine Ridge
results created by Ór

Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner    2.5k       85m
1Jason Collins 50:22
2Erin Hartle 68:02
3Lucas Herrod 77:04
5Dawn Lamuth Higgins Troop 372 86:44
6Hugh Hubble 88:22
7Sherri Mesvar 95:40
8George Heym WPOC110:31
9Sara Hillen 116:05
Andrey Parkhitko Missed #4 and #7; finished in 33:36 DNF
Eric Smith Missed #7; finished at 61:44 DNF
Josiah Smith Missed #7; finished at 63:44 DNF

Novice     3.1k       120m
1Andre Tatarinov WPOC55:01
2Cory Barnes WPOC59:57
3Tom & Linda Gray WPOC64:33
4Jason Collins 69:50
5Emily Love 75:21
6Eric Steinbring WPOC75:49
7Jeffrey Jordan Troop 158 WPOC76:45
8Giuseppina Mecchia WPOC79:12
9Michael George 81:58
10Marjorie Cronin 83:58
11Loretta OpilaW65WPOC91:13
12Marie Skoczylas 126:18
Andria Zutich Found 4 controls; finished at 73:21 DNF
Barbara Jones Found 4 controls; finished at 76:01 DNF

Intermediate     4.2k      170m
1Nathaniel Hazelton WPOC108:29
2Clint Hartle 121:33
3Peggy gamble 134:04
4Laurent Sehabiggue 181:26
Mary Kreif Found 5 controls; finished at 81:45 DNF
James Griffin Found 5 controls in 75:42; did not finish DNF
Naomi Jarvis Missed #2; finished at 114:31WPOCDNF

Adv Short     3.3k      145m
1Matthew Hasselfield 57:26
2Andy Shissler WPOC69:14
3Sherry Shank WPOC85:59
4Jesse Hanley WPOC106:19

Adv Long    5.4k      275m
1Kevin Fisher WPOC65:03
2Jim Trautmann WPOC79:22
3Todd Pownell NEOOC95:02
4alexis rzewski WPOC118:28
5Joseph Logan WPOC132:07
6Yaki Barak WPOC132:42
7John Huffman WPOC132:51
8Frances & Keith Irvin 169:17
Jonathan Boyer Missed #3; finished at 105:42 NEOOCDNF