North Park
Orienteering Event
10 November 2019

It was a good day for orienteering; temperature in the low 50's and a bit of wind.  Based on preregistration numbers, turnout was expected to be fairly low.  However, that was not the case; we had 59 starts from a total of 112 people.  There were a number of people who took advantage of the map fee pricing for the day and did two courses.  We used up nearly all of the maps that were printed and actually ran out of maps for two of the courses (Long Sprint and Long Middle).

Andy Strat designed four courses for the event.  The courses were a bit unusual compared to our usual offerings.  The two Sprint courses were set at a Beginner/Novice difficulty level with distances of about 3 and 5 km.  The Short Middle course was like a cross between an Intermediate and an Advanced Short course at about 3 km.  The Long Middle was like a cross between an Intermediate and an Advanced Medium course at about 5 km.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the courses.  There were a few disqualifications as several people mistook one control for a different one.  The two long courses included some serious competition for the winning time with Kevin Fisher winning both courses.

Thanks to Debbie Stiles, Mark Puda, Joe Logan and Ryan Knecht for handling registration.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone and Jim Trautmann for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Andy Strat for conducting instruction sessions.  And thanks to Naomi Jarvis, James Fenn, Kevin Fisher and Dave Battista for doing control pickup.

This event is the last one for 2019 offered by WPOC.  The schedule for most 2020 events should appear on the website  about the end of January.  The two early year events (ski-orienteering and Raccoongaine) will take place on January 12 and March 28-29, respectively.  These will appear in the schedule by the end of November.

Here is the link to the North Park splits

Here is a link to the few photos that Alexis took

191110 North Park
results created by Ór


Short Sprint Long Sprint Short Middle Long Middle
Short Sprint       2.9k      65m
1Ian Livingston (3) WPOC57:54
2Avery Finch (2) 59:29
3Brian Komoroski (3) 66:35
4Jay Smink (2) 67:30
5Holly Trudeau (3) 72:38
6Anna Faber (3) 76:23
7Brian Gullekson (3) 76:58
8Sarah White (3) 79:06
9George Heym (4) 86:27
10Todd Nonn (2) 91:39
11Kirill Kiselyov & Lorina WPOC94:30
12Joe Cornibe (7) 113:02
13Tom Pichieri (3) 119:20
14Carol Meiers (7) 139:15
Heather Nestor (2) Missed control #6; finished at 118:14 DSQ

Long Sprint    5.0k      70m
1Kevin FisherM21WPOC36:27
2Ryan KnechtM40WPOC37:11
3Tim SpangM40WPOC40:22
4Edna Spang WPOC44:57
5Alexis RzewskiM40WPOC49:33
6Katrina Haidari 88:34
7Debbie Stiles WPOC99:25
8Bobbi Battista WPOC101:31
9Barbara Johnstone WPOC121:27
10Ryan Champage (2) 128:41
John Samek (6) Mispunched control #1; finished at 107:47 DSQ
Nick Fedorek Mispunched control #1; finished at 65:25 DSQ

Short Middle     3.1k       120m
1Dave Battista WPOC37:49
2Jenn Watts 67:12
3Tatarinov Family (3) WPOC80:16
4Bridget Busch (5) 90:46
5Loren Stein (3) 97:51
6Ian Livingston (2) WPOC126:05
7Michael George (4) 128:31
8Devon Hillman (3) 163:18
Mary Bates (2) Missed controls #3 & #4; finished at 144:33 DSQ
Giuseppina Mecchia & LucaMispunched control #8; finished at 97:33WPOCDSQ

Long Middle       4.9k       170m
1Kevin FisherM21WPOC42:55
2Ryan KnechtM40WPOC45:14
3Sydney FisherW21WPOC45:51
4Katrina WeinmannW21WPOC46:48
5Brian Komoroski 50:42
6Alexis RzewskiM40WPOC51:10
7Jim TrautmannM35WPOC51:19
8Tim SpangM40WPOC54:08
9Jason Miller (2) 67:42
10Edna Spang WPOC74:12
11Tamir Klaff 78:17
12James Fenn WPOC79:20
13Andy Mowrey 86:56
14Sherry ShankW55WPOC95:51
15Cvetomir Dimov (2) 107:56
16Tracy Pepple (2) 114:52
17Charles George 137:23
18Andy Karnavas WPOC141:04
19Michael Brown 150:53
20Mark Puda WPOC150:54
Naomi Jarvis Found 8 controls; finished at 103:28WPOCDNF
Sandy Condie (2) Punched control #12 out of order; finished at 124:25WPOCDSQ