Raccoon Creek State Park
Raccoongaine X  --- 6-hour
31 March 2019

Sunday was a serious contrast to the day before.  The temperature was in the 30's with a significant wind and snow flurries in the air.  Again we had excellent cooperation with respect to parking.  Again thank you to the participants for their carpooling efforts.

The 6-hour course was much the way it has been in the past.  There were 50 controls with 10 each having values of 10 points, 20 points, 30 points, 40 points and 50 points for a total of 1500 points possible.  There were 4 mystery controls (all 20-pointers).  The penalty for lateness was 11 points per minute.  None of the 6-hour course controls were the same as any of the 3-hour course controls of the day before.  Nevertheless, four teams punched at least one of the 3-hour controls.  In some cases, this took them a bit out of their way.  There were 78 teams registered for the 6-hour course; 70 of them actually started.

As he has done in the past, Brian Mayer ran away with the overall men's  top prize, scoring 1300 points, 280 more than his nearest competitor.  Another repeat winner was Olga Huber, scoring 970 points for the overall women's top prize, 160 points more than the nearest competitor and more than all but three men's teams.  There was a surprise winner (at least a surprise to me) in the mixed category.  GHOing Steady from the Veterans Mixed category was the overall winner with 730 points.  We don't often get anyone from the Veterans category winning an overall prize.

Just like Saturday, a lot of people volunteered to make the Sunday event possible.  Alexis Rzewski designed the courses and placed controls.  Dave Battista vetted the course.  Bert and Sandy Condie and Laurie Opila handled packet pickup.  Lee Bash, Joe Logan and Ryan Knecht directed parking.  Laurie Opila, Jen Livingston, Giuseppina Mecchia and Joe Logan prepared the food.  Joe Logan and Lee Bash checked people in as they finished.  Jen Livingston, Jerry Agin and Sydney Fisher picked up controls.  And Yaki Barak, Lee Bash, Alexis Rzewski, Jen Livingston, Laurie Opila and Giuseppina Mecchia helped in cleaning up Rec Hall.  Thanks to all of them.  Jim Wolfe handled registration, download and produced results; he also placed and picked up controls.

Also, thanks to our sponsors:  Dicks Sporting Goods for its gift certificates, Zanfel for the poison ivy cream and NoGo for the power bars.

Results by Category follow below:

Here is a link to the splits:  The Splits   To see the results with all classes combined, go here

Here is a link to the photos that Alexis took

Analysis (Route Gadget or Quick Route) is available here

If you are looking for the 3-hour results, go to 3-Hour

Raccoongaine X 6-hr
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EM6        6-hr        Elite Men

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1183 Brian MayerBROC359:391300130011
3112 Team KiwiSMOC358:31100010000
7124 Topo the MountainWPOC351:589209200
8121 The space cadetsSMOC358:369109100
9151 Joseph BarrettQOC350:468908900
18105 Blue Green UnitedSMOC345:197707700
23141 Clint & Kevin 357:316906900
23182 Strat-o-MaticWPOC349:286906900
35136 PhilippeRamblers187:345805800
43172 Enslows Revenge 349:144904900
47163 Mountain CrullersWPOC357:034404400
58165 Apogee 346:283303300
62171 Johnson - WitalisNEOOC326:312602600
106 Scott DyeSMOCDNS

EW6        6-hr        Elite Women

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
13111 SparklesROC350:078108100
15173 Katrina WeinmannWPOC358:298008000
16180 Julia Crytzer 354:367907900
21167 Julie LaliberteSMOC345:257007000
63161 Team Halo 336:462202200

EB6        6-hr        Elite Mixed

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
63162 The Other Shangles 326:052202200
66176 NTI 323:161901900
186 Barb and DavidNEOCDNS

MM6        6-hr        Masters Men

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
5110 JerkfaceROC356:459609600
6144 Fast Tracker 353:009409400
10187 Marc TriquellLAOC363:5284689044
11157 Ryan KnechtWPOC334:438408400
11184 Greg GibbardSMOC323:288408400
13158 Brian Komoroski 340:418108100
17153 Crowtown 345:377807800
19159 Todd PownellNEOOC342:397507500
21122 MaletichSMOC355:067007000
26115 Tim Spang 310:016806800
27137 Wandering RocksNCO358:166606600
27127 Team McCartt 341:516606600
34126 Bob TuranchikNEOOC359:305905900
36150 John HuffmanWPOC347:545705700
42149 North (Over the) HillNEOOC363:1451656044
45101 Jason SmithSMOC299:034804800
52134 Over the Hills 370:08419540121
54166 Full Moon AdventuresOCIN335:014004000
55130 Flazotta 333:113903900
56178 MartinValiquetteRamblers194:243603600
67181 Team LTO 350:301601600

MW6        6-hr        Masters Women

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
4131 Olga HuberROC346:059709700
70146 Melissa Weeks 326:3250500

MB6        6-hr        Masters Mixed

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
23114 BeeRingers 352:376906900
29116 IndyXpress / Clif Bar / Acceleration IndyICO356:446506500
40185 Aimless WanderersICO355:235305300
43140 Straight Off the Couch 355:554904900
53152 Red EagleSMOC350:334604600
47143 WeMo 353:334404400
63117 Walking in Circles 202:142202200
107 TopoLocoDNS

VM6        6-hr        Veterans Men

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
2168 Fn JoeWCOC352:30102010200
29154 Jerry AginWPOC359:436506500
31109 Snail TrailWPOC359:376306300
31174 GMMROC358:306306300
36164 Charles Borchart 344:075705700
39120 Joseph BrownSMOC364:2754560055
40113 Pops Shangle 351:455305300
46148 Michael LyonsROC307:564604600
56142 Laurentian RogaineRamblers178:093603600
59132 Ohio SoloNEOOC333:403103100
128 Thunder RoadNEOOCDNS
145 Mike MiniumOCINDNS
175 Philip WadsworthNEOOCDNS
177 Brian OttingerDNS
135 Team LyonsBFLODNS

VW6        6-hr        Veterans Women

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
38123 Brenda Carlson-BrownSMOC363:2755660044
47156 Jean WesselGHO355:204404400
60118 Moms Shangle 350:053003000
61160 Acornhead TimNEOOC350:552902900
68170 Rachelle Gianola 291:1590900
68169 TINA COUGHLEYSMOC291:1190900

VB6        6-hr        Veterans Mixed

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
20147 GHOing SteadyDGL343:447307300
33108 Glacial SpeedCNYO355:336106100
47102 GHOSLOWDGL355:094404400
51138 Opossum Squad 345:284304300