Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet
11 November 2018

It was a cold, sunny day with almost no wind, not a bad day for orienteering.  Participation was light, only 45 people and 24 starts.  The low turnout may have been the result of the holiday or the cold or the distance from Pittsburgh or something else.  Everyone seemed to have a good time; no one complained of having any problems locating the controls.  And no one seriously complained about the pipeline and it mud and ridges.

Jim Wolfe was event director.  He set a single 40-control score course which had controls set at all skill levels.  Participants were divided into three classes (Newbie - total beginners and people who had progressed no farther than the beginner course; Intermediate - people who usually did the Novice and Intermediate courses; and Expert - people who typically did the advanced courses).  There was a mass start at 11:30 after participants were allowed 30 minutes to study the map.  There were also about half a dozen people who started after the mass start.  Everyone was allowed 2 hours to find as many controls as they could; control values varied from 5 points to 35 points for a total of 875 points.  Only one person, Sydney Fisher, reached the maximum number of points; no one else was close; and she cleared the course with more than 10 minutes to spare.

Thanks to Eric Steinbring for helping set up.  Thanks to Eric, Andy Strat, and Tonya for handling registration.  Thanks to Sherry Shank for conducting instruction.  Thanks to Joe Logan, John  Huffman, Naomi Jarvis and James Fenn for doing control pickup.

LEFT AT THE EVENT:  ONE PAIR OF SHOES - anyone want to claim them?

Split times for a score course are not  very meaningful; however, you can look at them here

Pine Ridge is the last WPOC event for 2018.  Our next event will a Ski-O event in January or (if there is no snow) Raccoongaine in March.  Watch for the schedule soon after the first of the year.

181111 Pine Ridge
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Newbie Intermediate Expert

Newbie        Score       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
8Mandy Myers & Nancy Tran 118:373603600
15Michael Opferman (2) 107:512202200
18Eric Weber (5) 120:031962059
19Ben Opferman (3) 109:101801800
19Troop 622 (4)WPOC115:171801800
23Fabiola Prieto (4) 124:17-103545

Intermediate        Score       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
7Philip Griffith 115:484004000
10Dean Augustine 121:2134236018
12Giuseppina Mecchia (2) WPOC111:112602600
13Jen LivingstonWPOC116:062402400
13Scott Kniola (2) 107:172402400
15Jett Downey (2) 115:582202200
15Debbie Stiles WPOC114:432202200
21Loretta OpilaWPOC78:141151150
22Paul & Mary Sleppy WPOC138:5859230171
24Russellyn Carruth WPOC135:34-9450144

Expert        Score       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1Sydney FisherWPOC109:208758750
2Joe Logan WPOC113:085855850
3John Huffman WPOC119:245455450
4Yaki Barak WPOC118:295255250
5Andy Strat (2) WPOC118:335005000
6Kevin Fisher (2)WPOC110:354154150
8Sherry Shank WPOC112:273603600
11Naomi Jarvis (2) WPOC121:3231733518