Raccoon Creek State Park
Raccoongaine IX  (Mini-Rogaine)
25 March 2018

It was quite a cold day at Raccoon Creek, temperatures in the low 40s at best.  There was no rain; however, there were still sections of snow in the forest, some places up to 4 inches deep.  This year again there was excellent cooperation for the participants with respect to parking. Thanks to all the competitors for making an effort at carpooling.

The registration limit was reached very early this year (January 4). We had 27 3-hour teams and 60 6-hour teams registered; however, five 3-hour team did not show up and four 6-hour teams did not show up - most of the no-shows were unexplained. The format was the same as in previous Raccoongaines: 50 controls with values of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 (10 controls of each value for a total of 1500 possible points). The penalty for lateness was 10 points per minute.  Four mystery controls were not shown on the map (in this case controls 111, 112, 113 and 114) and four other controls (the mother controls, in this case 105, 133, 106, and 128, respectively) had maps to show where the mystery controls were. After arriving at a mother control, competitors could choose to go to the mystery control or not; all mystery controls were 20-point controls. 

Comments about the races:

This year again, Shin Shimizu found the most controls (17) on the 3-hour course.  However,  Shin was surpassed on points by the QOC team of Lewis and Sacajawea who finished with 460 points after finding 14 controls.  On the 6-hour course, the teams of Topo the Mountain from WPOC and Richard Lee Sparks from SMOC tied for the most controls (32).  However, their scores were much different; Topo the Mountain ran away with the overall top score of 1010 while Sparks came back more than 23 minutes late.  The second highest overall score was also from WPOC - tanZ Navigation with 870 points.    This year's map covered the same area as last year's map.  Because this area contains more than 1000 acres more than in Raccoongaines prior to 2017, overall scores were similar to last year's and not as high as prior to 2017.  

Only nine teams found half or more of the controls on the 6-hour.  Shin Shimizu's 17 controls on the 3-hour was more than twenty 6-hour teams found.  The average score for the 3-hour, including penalties, was 185 with a median of 180; the average for the 6-hour, including penalties, was 524 with a median of 590.  The 3-hour numbers are about the same as last year; the 6-hour numbers are about 30 points better than last year.  Of the most distant controls, 147 and 150 in the north and 149 and 148 in the east, only 147 was reached by two  3-hour teams.  The 6-hour teams either reached the northmost controls (147 and 150) or the eastmost controls (148 and 149); no team reached more than two of the most distant  controls. 

No surprise, the most visited control was 101, with 63 visits; visits to 102, 103, 105 and 111 were close behind.  The least visited control was a surprise, at least to me; it was 107 with only 5 visits.  I expected 108 or 143 to be the least visited - 108 didn't seem worth the detour and 143 was a long way from any other control.  Second least visited was a tie between 108, 112 and  137.  I guess a 50 point value on 143 made it too enticing to pass up.   For the mystery controls, there was another surprise regarding 114, as 6 teams that visited the mother control (128) chose not to go to 114, even though it was barely 30 m away.  

A lot of people helped to make Raccoongaine IX possible. Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for designing the courses. Thanks to Dave Battista for vetting the courses. Thanks to Joe Logan, Jerry Agin and Ryan Knecht for controlling parking. Thanks to Sherry Shank, Kevin and Sydney Fisher and Laurie Opila for dealing with waivers and packets. Thanks to Laurie Opila, Christee and John Homan, Giuseppina Mecchia and Joe Logan for preparing food. Thanks to Mark Puda for helping with the finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for putting out the water stops. And thanks to Jen Livingston, Sydney Fisher Alexis Rzewski for helping pick up control flags.  And thanks to everyone who helped clean up Rec Hall when we were finished:  Yaki Barak, Mark Puda, Alexis Rzewski, Joe Logan, Jen Livingston, Laurie Opila and perhaps others that I forgot.

A big thanks to our sponsors:  Dick's Sporting Goods for the gift certificates and discount coupons; Zanfel for their poison ivy treatments and information; and NuGo for the power bars.

Below are the results by category for Raccoongaine IX.  

Here is a link to results showing all classes of 3-hour and 6-hour combined

Here is a link to the splits

And here is a link to the photos that Alexis took

Here is a link to a table showing the number of teams to visit each control

The following items were FOUND at Rec Hall or in the woods:  one watch, one hiking pole (claimed), one small base-plate compass, one black hat (claimed), and one small black glove.  Let me know if you think any of these items might be yours.   jlwolfe at atlanticbb dot net

There are several teams that left the event before the awards were given out.  I will be mailing the awards to these teams in the next few days.

Keep your eyes open for the "Future of Raccoongaine" survey that I will be sending by April 15.

Raccoongaine IX
results created by Ór



Elite Men        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1581 Wooters 3:04:15150200500
2293 Mossy RockWPOC3:26:08-901802700
87 Tall and the SmallDNS

Elite Women        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1392 Hartle Girls 2:45:1617017000
84 Alexis ShankWPOCDNS0000

Elite Mixed        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
590 Moncho Moncho Man 2:51:4329029000
773 SOLID Gould Family 2:54:2122022000
1089 Disoriented 2:53:3618018000
1074 Faber Flav 2:57:2318018000
1491 Derek Dawson 2:51:5716016000
1772 Salty Orienteers 3:06:38140210700
2277 Homan and PupsWPOC3:18:45-901001900
96 StoryDNS

Masters Men        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
488 K&N 2:49:0530030000
79 Lee BashDNS
94 Jeff JonesDNS

Masters Women        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1882 Mountain DartsWPOC2:30:0911011000

Masters Mixed        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
978 Kellogg 2:50:4419019000
1580 Doddering Gits 2:43:4415015000

Veterans Men        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
275 ShinCOO2:49:0641041000
683 Rob WilkisonDVOA2:58:5825025000
1071 Sabich 2:51:5318018000
1895 Fast CompassWPOC2:58:5611011000

Veterans Women        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
376 ChioriCOO3:02:43310340300
870 Sherry ShankWPOC2:55:3621021000

Veterans Mixed        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
186 Lewis and SacajaweaQOC3:03:00460490300
2085 Dawson 2:31:43707000

Elite Men        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
433 Riley Jane 5:40:0581081000
106 Time Wounds All HeelsSMOC5:45:3871071000
1321 Richard Lee SparksSMOC6:23:556909302400
1731 MK 6:01:24660680200
1747 Warming House Wanderers 5:41:5666066000
2146 Clint Hartle 5:58:3465065000
265 Black Swamp Boys 5:51:4961061000
4637 Force Majeure 5:45:5128028000
4951 Sean Sims 5:06:2423023000
5320 Son of a Shangle 4:57:5916016000
12 SurstrommingDNS
55 TabernacDNS
57 Scott DyeDNS

Elite Women        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
213 Fragile FlowersSMOC5:46:1365065000
2524 Erin Rycroft 5:58:4664064000

Elite Mixed        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
115 Topo the MountainWPOC5:51:141010101000
1729 Lost and Found 5:41:2566066000
3450 WeMo 5:42:3348048000
5042 FSU 4:37:2222022000
5143 Uptown Stogies 2:58:2119019000
5654 Amateur HourCVOC6:29:32803803000

Masters Men        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
214 tanZ NavigationWPOC5:54:1287087000
325 Thomas Rycroft 5:54:1085085000
618 SpangWPOC5:52:0176076000
748 Ryan KnechtWPOC5:49:3974074000
849 Thunder Road 5:47:5373073000
1035 Lost OH RabbitNEOOC5:21:5971071000
1232 Robert TuranchikNEOOC5:53:1670070000
1560 Warren 5:40:5268068000
1758 Total Packages 5:37:3866066000
2855 Frank and Beans 5:53:0159059000
2936 McPotter's Mayhem 5:39:2358058000
314 Swearing at Our BearingSMOC5:54:1554054000
3253 Over the Hills 5:49:5152052000
332 Mountain Meisters 5:45:5850050000
3859 Flazotta 5:31:1542042000
4045 John HuffmanWPOC5:56:1838038000
4340 Ow It Hurts 5:56:1134034000

Masters Women        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
519 Olga HuberROC5:54:0978078000

Masters Mixed        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
218 BeeRingers 5:26:4465065000
4361 Valleys & Boulders & Springs Oh My! 5:20:2934034000
4762 Wandering Gnomes 5:31:4825025000
5410 TopoLoco 6:10:541502601100

Veterans Men        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
812 Phillip WadsworthNEEOC5:58:2673073000
1339 Steve JohnsonNEOOC5:55:1669069000
159 Snail TrailWPOC5:58:5068068000
3052 Chuck Borchart 5:35:3956056000
3422 Joseph BrownSMOC5:54:2248048000
3616 Jerry AginWPOC5:40:4245045000
3911 Ohio SoloNEOOC5:55:5939039000
4030 Ralph LindzonStars5:53:3038038000
4527 Pops Shangle 4:52:5233033000
5544 Mad WelshmanNEOOC4:51:33909000
56 Eric BresslerDNS

Veterans Women        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
2723 Brenda Carlson-BrownSMOC5:45:4960060000
4828 Moms Shangle 5:17:5824024000

Veterans Mixed        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
2138 Glacial Speed 6:00:49650660100
3726 GHOSLOWGHO5:48:2443043000
4263 LyonsBFLO5:06:5736036000
5234 Happy Campers 5:39:5718018000