North Park
Orienteering Meet
21 May 2017

Off and on rain was predicted for the day; and the predictions were right, although after 1 pm the rain was mostly on.  The temperature was reasonable (mid-60s) but all except the very early starters got wet.  Turnout was pretty good considering the rain; we had 73 people show up, including one from South Africa, one from France and one from New York.  There were a total of 45 starts.

Dave Battista's courses definitely tested the participants.  There were a lot of positive comments about the courses.  In fact, a couple people were disappointed that Dave left before they could congratulate him on his courses.  The only negative comments I heard were about the green on the intermediate (orange) course and a couple small mapping issues (we know there are a number of areas that need more scrutiny).  Actually, based on the results, the intermediate course was probably too difficult for the clientele.  Other courses had reasonable winning times.

Thanks to Joe Logan for vetting the courses.  Thanks to Alexis Shank, Barbara Johnstone, James Fenn and Jim Trautmann for handling registration.  Thanks to Yaki Barak and Andy Strat for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Naomi Jarvis for conducting instruction.  And thanks for Gordon Huang, Jerry Agin, Jett Downey and Luca Rzewski for doing control pickup.

Found at the McCandless shelter:  one 16GB thumb drive.  Did anyone lose one?

You can see the splits for all courses here

Our next event will be at Frick Park on June 4.

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results created by Ór


Adv Long Adv Short Bike Intermediate Novice Beginner
Advanced Long (RED)           7.0k      240m
1Jim Trautmann WPOC70:18
2Andy Strat WPOC76:53
3Mark Vernon RandOC77:39
4Katrina Weinmann WPOC83:57
5Frederic Favray 92:34
6Sherry & Alexis Shank WPOC121:04
7Yaki Barak WPOC121:41
8Jarry Agin WPOC135:06
9Lee Bash WPOC205:18
Scott Benton Found 4 controls; finished in 130:28 DSQ
Andy Karnavas (2) Found first 6 controls; finished in 83:18WPOCDNF

Advanced Short (BROWN)     4.0k      175m
1John Huffman WPOC85:15
2Naomi Jarvis WPOC86:27
3Gordon Huang WPOC92:58
4Kayla Poling (2) 120:12
5Charles George 122:22
6Jett Downey WPOC171:54

Bike       3.4k
1Gordon Huang WPOC36:20
2Robert Buraczynski CNYO39:48
3Eric & Audrey Hodas 43:58

Intermediate  (ORANGE)    4.7k       200m
1Carlos Gonzalez 115:17
2Luca Rzewski (2) WPOC152:28
Skylar (2) Found 6 controls; finished in 137:03 DSQ
Kelly Sottile Found first 2 controls; finished in 172:43WPOCDNF
James Fenn Found first 8 controls; finished in 78:33WPOCDNF

Novice (YELLOW)     3.6k      35m
1Robert Slaymaker 75:23
2Nathan Cottrell (2) WPOC76:42
3Ken Janowitz (5) 90:33
4Giuseppina Mecchia WPOC109:52
5Mark Puda 121:34
6Christianne Homan (2) 133:31
7Mary Bates (2) 134:23
8Smell the Roses (2) WPOC140:14
9Joseph Cornibe (7) Punched #1 & #5 twice 172:55
10Russllyn Carruth WPOC179:35
11Mike Ward (4) Punched #2 twiceWPOC264:32

Beginner (WHITE)   2.4k     25m
1Eric Wieseckel 32:27
2Chance Wain 34:42
3Zach Ward (2) WPOC42:07
4Jamie Rosensteel (2) 44:03
5Scott Valazak (2) Punched #8 twice 51:08
6Mark Puda Punched #3 twice 75:50
7Christine Shuberr (3) 82:26
8Virginia Matthews (2) 89:54
Carrie Thovson (2) Found first 3 controls; finished in 69:53 DNF