Raccoon Creek State Park
Raccoongaine VIII   (Mini-Rogaine)
26 March 2017

It was an exceptionally nice day at Raccoon Creek, perhaps even a little warm (in the 60's).  The predicted rain held off until about 2:30 pm and even then it was really only a few sprinkles.  This year again there was excellent cooperation for the participants with respect to parking. Thanks to all the competitors for making an effort at carpooling.

The registration limit was reached very early this year (January 11). We had 23 3-hour teams and 72 6-hour teams registered; however, three 3-hour team did not show up and seven 6-hour teams did not show up - some of the no-shows were due to injury, others were unexplained. The format was the same as in previous Raccoongaines: 50 controls with values of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 (10 controls of each value for a total of 1500 possible points). The penalty for lateness was 10 points per minute.  Four mystery controls were not shown on the map (in this case controls 111, 112, 113 and 114) and four other controls (the mother controls, in this case 137, 115, 103, and 124, respectively) had maps to show where the mystery controls were. After arriving at a mother control, competitors could choose to go to the mystery control or not; all mystery controls were 20-point controls. 

This year there were no issues with control placement.  After screwing up placement of two controls last year, we changed procedures for marking and vetting and appear to have corrected the problem.

Comments about the races:

This year first-time Raccoongainer, Shinichi Shimizu tore up the 3-hour course, even reaching one of the two most northern controls.  He had an impressive 460 points.  Tied for second overall at 3-hours were two of our own club members, Alexis Shank (half of team Your Pace or Mine) and Ryan Knecht.  And another first-time Raccoongainer, Mark Lattanzi (Running with Samson) was the overall winner of the 6-hour course with 1010 points.  Hail to the Chimp (Dave Eaton) was close behind with 960 points and Topo the Mountain (the Fishers) were third with 880 points.  The scores, particularly on the 6-hour course, were considerably lower than last year.  In 2016, Brian Mayer came close to clearing the course with 1420 points; this year Brian was slowed down a good bit by carrying his 2-year old daughter on his back.  But because of last year's scores, this year's map added perhaps 1000 acres to the map and the course was designed to be harder.  I thought it looked harder when I  saw it on paper and when I was putting out the controls, I was sure it was harder.  So for those of you were have been frequent Raccoongainers and you found that your score was 100-200 points less this year, it is not just because you are a year older.

The top three teams on the 6-hour course all reached 31 controls, half of last year's number.  Only eight teams found half or more of the controls on the 6-hour.  The most controls for the 3-hour was 15 by Shinichi Shimizu, which I note is more than half of the 6-hour teams.  The average score for the 3-hour, not counting penalties, was 182; the average for the 6-hour, not counting penalties, was 497.  Of the most distant controls, 147 and 150 in the north and 134 and 148 in the east, no team reached all of these; however, both Running with Samson and Hail to the Chimp reached three of the four, omitting 150.

No surprise, the most visited control was 101, with 55 visits.  The surprise was that 106 was second most visited (43) and 124 was third (39).  Least visited was 150 with 8 visits, not a surprise either due to its remoteness.  Half a dozen controls were tied for second least visited with 16.  For the mystery controls, it was clear from the splits that a number of teams found 113 before 103; and at least a couple may have thought they were at 103 because they did not continue on to 103.  It was definitely a surprise that ten teams that found 124 did not go to mystery control 114.  This is because 114 was barely 70 m from 124.  

A lot of people helped to make Raccoongaine VIII possible. Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for designing the courses. Thanks to Dave Battista for vetting the courses. Thanks to Joe Logan, John Huffman and Ryan Knecht for controlling parking. Thanks to Sherry Shank, Alexis Shank and Laurie Opila for dealing with waivers and packets. Thanks to Laurie Opila, Mary and Paul Sleppy, Giuseppina Mecchia and Joe Logan for preparing food. Thanks to Joe Logan for putting out the water stops. And thanks to Jen Livingston and Alexis Rzewski for helping pick up control flags.

Also thanks to our sponsors:  Dick's Sporting Goods for the gift certificates and discount coupons; Zanfel for their poison ivy treatments and information; and NuGo for the power bars.

Below are the results by category for Raccoongaine VIII.  

Here is a link to results showing all classes of 3-hour and 6-hour combined

Here is a link to the splits

And here is a link to the photos that Alexis took

Here is a link to a table showing the number of teams to visit each control

If you want to compare your route to others, you can use RouteGadget to plot it at http://gadget.fredmailey.com/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi

Raccoongaine VIII
results created by Ór

EM3   EW3   EB3   MM3   MW3   MB3   VM3   VW3   VB3   EM6

Elite Men        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
5283 Team KatNap 2:52:042002000
6399 Eagle Eyes 2:54:121701700
6393 Thunder & Lightning 2:58:471701700
16348 Rayden SorockWPOC3:06:556013070

Elite Women        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
10350 Hartle Girls 2:45:331001000

Elite Mixed        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
2371 Your Pace or MineWPOC2:51:443703700
10300 Heading North 2:29:151001000
13299 Team Persqueeter 2:41:0490900
15296 Moncho Moncho Man 3:01:03709020
18466 Team HazeltonWPOC3:06:5607070
19282 Bourne to be Wild 3:12:55-12010130

Masters Men        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
2294 Ryan KnechtWPOC2:55:453703700

Masters Mixed        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
4394 Jolly Rogers 2:59:003203200
9395 The Doddering Gits 2:53:391101100
10340 Can't Decide 2:57:551001000
13387 TopoLoco 3:09:5790190100

Veterans Men        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1298 Shinichi Shimizu 2:54:274604600
6266 Rob WilkisonDVOA3:11:39170290120
17368 Mark Sabich 3:06:173010070

Veterans Women        3-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
20398 Sherry ShankWPOC3:43:30-240200440

Elite Men        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
2478 Hail to the Chimp 6:03:48960100040
7402 Thomas Rycroft 5:56:097507500
10497 Time Wounds All HeelsSMOC5:51:217107100
11471 Riley Jane 5:40:507007000
22465 Scott Dye 5:46:045605600
27472 MK 5:57:015305300
30488 Gordon HuangWPOC5:47:465105100
33491 Krazy SwedeNEOOC5:29:304704700
41464 Clint Hartle 5:52:024004000
47123 Illusion of ControlsNEOOC5:25:123303300
50229 Team Runoff 6:20:11230440210
54189 Ken Shangle 5:39:121801800
54192 Son of a Shangle 5:45:551801800
58191 Sean Sims 4:57:311501500
60178 Johnson/WitalisNEOOC6:15:07100260160

Elite Women        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
4184 Katrina WeinmannWPOC5:48:378208200
13424 Erin Rycroft 5:47:246706700
20197 Julia Crytzer 5:49:145905900
480 Lisa Storey5:59:123303300
51476 Ann Haas 5:14:332202200

Note: Lisa Storey's score was determined from manual punches as she did not take the SI card with her. This is also the reason she has no splits.

Elite Mixed        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
3475 Topo the Mountain 5:54:418808800
17139 Two NutsBROC4:46:296306300
32486 Victorious Seekers 5:43:224804800
43489 Scrambled LegsWPOC6:08:0338047090
44461 Half Minds 5:42:023603600
51218 I Do (Cherish You) 5:25:302202200
59224 Give Me Just One Night 4:31:091201200

Masters Men        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1425 Running With Samson 6:00:501010102010
4470 Todd PownellNEOOC5:54:118208200
8483 William Plessinger 5:50:347407400
12499 Wandering Rocks 5:35:436906900
18183 The Black Swamp Boys 5:42:136206200
23188 Polish Sausage 5:54:305505500
24190 Bob TuranchikNEOOC5:54:575405400
27495 Mountain Meisters 5:36:485305300
31500 Andy MowreyWPOC5:35:575005000
33195 Over the Hills 5:48:584704700
36496 Yaki BarakWPOC6:09:44450550100
38469 Help, I'm Lost 5:32:504404400
38467 Cold Zone 5:56:254404400
46441 John HuffmanWPOC5:53:213403400
61196 Doug Crytzer 2:45:1060600

Masters Women        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
24479 Olga Huber 6:16:48540710170
48477 Average JoNEOOC5:52:253003000

Masters Mixed        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
6490 Wonderful Adventure Racers 5:53:408108100
8449 ThunderRoad 5:50:247407400
15498 Bee Ringers 5:43:576506500
15492 Team SpangWPOC5:44:246506500
36487 Rogue Penguin 5:58:064504500

Veterans Men        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
19124 Jerry AginWPOC5:52:096106100
20182 Stephen JohnsonNEOOC6:01:0859061020
27493 Boulder BobNEOOC5:51:075305300
33485 Fred MaileyNEOOC5:47:504704700
40494 Hot HarrysWPOC 5:55:474304300
45462 Chuck Borchart 6:06:0935042070
48481 Mad WelshmanNEOOC5:38:533003000
63199 Pops Shangle 6:43:05-200240440

Veterans Women        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
54198 Moms Shangle 5:39:151801800

Veterans Mixed        6-hr       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
14463 Glacial Speed 5:47:176606600
24185 OuroborosWPOC5:41:515405400
42484 Team Lyons 4:57:133903900
53193 FinksDVOA5:42:202102100
57474 Happy Campers 5:42:481701700