IUP Co-Op Recreational  Park
Orienteering Meet Results
9 August 2014

Considering that this was the beginning of August, the weather was reasonably cooperative.  The temperature was in the seventies but the humidity was low.  The woods were very open; but, of course, the climb presented small problems as it always does at the Co-Op park.

Sherry Shank was the meet director.  Her course designs proved to be very good as people completed them in about the expected amount of time and everyone seemed to have very positive comments about them.  Also, at least one person found all the controls on the score course and took just under the 90 minutes allowed.  There was only one minor course problem in that a control on the score course (and its control box) fell down.  Several people visited the control in this state before we could put it back up.  They did not see the box on the ground and had to resort to manual punching.   Once again, we tried to offer a bike course; and once again, we had very low participation.

The major problem with this event occurred around 2 pm when the computer crashed and refused to come back up.  As a consequence, there are no precise results for one of the courses that used e-punching (Score).  The White course also used e-punching; but all participants finished before the computer crash; so we can give those results.  The manual log of starters allow us to show the participants on the Score course; but we can provide only impressions of how the course came out.  For example, we know Kimmo Berg cleared the Score course in about 88 minutes.  Up to the computer crash, no one else had cleared the course.  But at the time of the crash, there were still 5 runners on the Score course; the results below list only people who finished before the crash and Alexis Rzewski who provided the info from his Forerunner.

Thanks to Laurie Opila, Barbara Johnstone, Sherry Shank and Yaki Barak  for running registration.   Thanks to Anneliese Steuben and Andy Strat for running start/finish.  Thanks to Al Sheaffer and Joe Logan for handling instruction.  Thanks to Al Sheaffer, Joe Logan and Kimmo Berg for helping with control pick up.

To see Alexis' photos from the event, go here

Our next event will be at Deer Lakes Park on August 24.

White Course        2.0 km     35 m climb    9 controls

 See results here    See splits here

Yellow Course        4.0 km       170 m climb    11 controls
Erlend Steen Klokkerud   40:00
Andy Strat WPOC  45:03
Al Sheaffer WPOC  61:30
Xenia Kissling   71:47
Eric & Maggie   76:27
Brett Johns & Sky Barnes   76:29
Tom & Linda Gray WPOC 78:36
Luca Rzewski WPOC 89:30
Tali Shalom-Barak WPOC 116:18
Christy Freeman WPOC 127:25
Smell the Roses WPOC 127:25

Score Course        90 minutes    24 controls    various points per control    10 point penalty per minute late

The Score course had five 5-point controls, five 10-point controls, five 15-point controls, five 20-point controls and four 25-point controls for a total of 350 points.  Latness was penalized at the rate of 10 points per minute late.  There were 10 starts on this course; but no scores can be given because of the computer crash.  The table below shows the participants in the order of their starts.

 See partial results here    See splits for partial results here
Joe Logan WPOC
Yaki Barak WPOC 
Ryan Knecht WPOC 
Kimmo Berg WPOC
Brian & Andrea  
Anneliese Steuben WPOC 
Alexis Rzewski WPOC
Toby Angove  
Lisa Storey  
Kevin Peterson  

To see Alexis' course, click  here

Bike Course        7.4 km    285 m climb    13 controls
Toby Angove   35:03
Tom Gray    missed control #8, time 91:05 WPOC  DSQ