Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet Results
15 May 2010

It was an almost ideal night for orienteering.  A clear night with a temperature of about 60o at the start and about 50o at the end.  There was no wind and no moon.  Despite the good conditions, we had a light turnout with no-shows from several people who indicated they would be coming and almost no one coming who did not send prior notice.

There were 40 controls.  Ten of them were worth 10 points each; ten were worth 20 points each ; ten were worth 30 points each; and ten were worth 40 points each for a total of 1000 possible points.  There was a 25 point per whole minute penalty for each minute late.   Each punch card is listed separately in the standings below, even if some people went on the course in a group.  The times and scores should make it clear who went together.  Jim Wolfe, meet director, designed the course so that the high-point controls were scattered over the map.  The idea was to allow everyone, including those with less experience, to reach at least one 40-point control.  Some high-point controls were distance challenges (far away but on or near a linear feature); some required finding a good attack point; and some were route challenges.

An analysis of the punch cards shows that all but one person did visit at least one 40-point control.  The least visited controls were in the extreme south (15, 24, 32 and to some extent 40).  This was understandable because these were somewhat isolated and it was uphill all the way to them.  All of the controls were visited by someone; but among the  least visited was a surprising one, #17.  It was near the main road with an easy attack point but only 3 people when there.  And naturally, control #1 was visited by nearly everyone - it was very easy to get to.  It was not expected that anyone would reach all of the controls in the time allowed - the expected high for controls was 32-35; so the course turned out to be a little harder than expected.

We had one person re-join the club.  Tammy Cash, who had been a member a few years ago, joined again.  Welcome back Tammy.  Thanks to Laurie Opila for helping with registration.  Also, thanks to Sherry Shank, Curt Mertz, Bryon Roland and Mary Roland for helping with control pick up.

Our next meet will be at the IUP Co-Op Recreational Park (Fulton Run Entrance) on June 6.

Night-O   Score Course        2  hours    40 controls    Points as stated above
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 29 2:01:17 -25 695
Bryon Roland WPOC 26 1:56:11   680
Dave Torick & Somayeh Nassiri WPOC 21 1:58:19   550
Dave Battista WPOC 22 1:58:26   540
Mary Roland WPOC 20 1:51:14 410
Chris & Joel Scanga 14 1:57:09 390
Joe Logan WPOC 18 1:47:30   380
Ethan Goldblum, Manej, Orkun & Ashik CMU 15 1:52:40   380
Sherry Shank WPOC 14 1:53:07   360
Curt Mertz WPOC 14 1:53:07   360
Peggy Mathieson   13 1:54:11   310
Linda & Tom Gray   13 1:54:11   310
Robert Buraczynski CNYO 14 1:43:27   290
Michael Cash, Emilea, Keara & Mea   13 1:52:13   280
Tammy Cash, Meaghan, Megan & Tressa WPOC 13 1:52:13   280
Luca Rzewski WPOC 14 1:58:05   280
Al Sheaffer WPOC 11 1:25:43   190
The Martins   8 1:47:58   160
Eric Steinbring WPOC 6 1:53:23   130
Josh Weltner WPOC 12 2:08:40 -200  110
Angela Weltner WPOC 12 2:08:40 -200 110
Joe Weltner WPOC 12 2:08:40 -200 110
Tom Knapp WPOC 8 2:03:14 -75 85