Raccoongaine Registration

Before you start the registration process, be sure you have all of the information you need.  The registration system  will not permit you to register for Raccoongaine XI by leaving out vital information (such as your team members' addresses or phone numbers).  You also need to be prepared to pay online  for your entry.  Here is a table showing what you need before you start:

Team Information Member Information (for each team member) Pay Information
Team Name Member's Name A PayPal account or Credit Card
Which course (race) you want (3-hour, 6 hour or Both) Member's Phone No. Entry Fees are as follows (1 Jan thru 18 Mar):
Number of people in your team Member's Address       3-Hour:  $18 per person
Contact e-mail address (probably of person registering) Member's Age (as of 28 Mar 2020)       6-Hour:  $30 per person
Emergency Phone No. (phone not at the event) Member's Gender       Both races:  $48 per person
SI card:  Request to borrow or your team's SI card No. Entry fees increase after 18 Mar 2020
Your Club - only optional element

There are three stages to registration:  1) Get the team information,  2) Get each member's information; 3) Confirmation and Payment.  I tried to make the registration as forgiving as possible.  If you make a mistake in an entry, you can change it before you go on to the next stage.  If you reach  the second stage and need to go back to the first, you can (use the Back arrow).  At the end of the second stage, it will say you have completed entering data and ask you to click on the phrase, "Click here to record data and pay for entry."  ONCE YOU CLICK ON THAT, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE DATA.

When entering member information for couples or families, you may enter the word 'same' for Address or Phone after entering the actual address and phone no. for the first member .

If you want to enter a team in which some members want to do both days and other members only want to do one, register twice, once for all the 3-hour participants and once for all the 6-hour participants; do not choose Both.

You will receive an e-mail confirming key elements of your registration and a second e-mail from PayPal confirming your payment.

If you need to make some change in the registration (and I hope you don't), you will need to send me e-mail to do it.  JLWOLFE at ATLANTICBB dot NET    Do not attempt to send me an e-mail to make an original team registration, I will send it back to you and tell you to use the registration system.

ALL waivers will be signed at the event.  Nothing is being provided to allow you to send in a  paper waiver.  You can view the waiver text ahead of time at the waiver  Minors (people < 18 years old) need to have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  You can get a waiver form for a minor at our web site; or if the parent is coming to the event with the minor, the waiver can be signed there.

Do not send me a check to pay for an entry.  Everyone must use the online payment mechanism.