The Thinking Sport

These are a few selected links to countries where orienteering is internationally recognized and to pages that I found interesting. For a wider selection of links, follow the link at the bottom of this page to Paul Todd's page of links.

  • IOF

  • IOF Central:
  • USA

  • Orienteering USA: Clubs, Info
    USA Rules:  Rules for events; Guidelines for course setting, meet directing
    National Event Schedule
    Canadian National Events and Events by Province
    Nearby clubs:
    1. DVOA: Delaware Valley Calendar, Directions, Addresses
    2. QOC: Quantico Orienteering Club info, Calendar, Maps - Maryland, Northern VA
    3. SVO: Susquehanna Valley Orienteering  info - South Central PA
    4. NEOOC: North East Ohio Orienteering Club schedule, Links - Cleveland

    Semi-Nearby Clubs:

    1. West Point: Schedules, Results
    2. MVOC: Miami Valley O, Schedules, Addresses
    3. OCIN: Cincinnati Club, Maps, Ohio Club info, Results
    4.  BFLO: Buffalo Club, Schedule, Club info, Results
    5. Wendy Alberg: CNYO info - Central NY
    6. Stina Bridgeman: EMPO info, Calendar, Results
    7. HVO: Calendar, HVO info - Hudson Valley
    8. R.L. Shadow: ROC info - Rochester NY
    9. Chicago Area OC: Schedule, results
  • Australia

  • Australia: Events, Coaching, MTBO
  • Austria

  • ÖFOL: Austria calendar, Regional federations