Courses Originally Intended for the 26 April 2020 Orienteering Event

Below  you will find links to each of the courses.  Each is a .pdf file; however, to make printing easier, I have cutoff nearly all of the legend and scale information.  It is a 1:10000 scale map with 5 m contours.; and the symbols used are the standard ones for orienteering.  By trimming the map as I have, you can print each course on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 page.  When you do the printing, be sure to choose "Actual size", not "Fit" and not "Custom scale".  Either of these last two choices will cause the printed map to be distorted in some way, i.e., mess up the scale.

Control locations are marked in the forest with florescent pink tape.  Each tape has written on it "WPOC" and the control number.  It is possible that a few tapes have disappeared; the most likely to disappear are those on the Beginner and Novice courses because many of them are easily accessed from trails so someone could tear them down.  It is also possible that a few tapes have the writing faded - weather does that.  There are no normal control flags nor any permanent markers used to mark control locations.

A couple of notes:  The Novice (Yellow) course and the Advanced Short (Brown) course will use part of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.  Be sure to give anyone hiking the trail a wide berth so you can maintain  social distancing.  The Intermediate (Orange) course is a little more difficult than usual.  The Advanced Short course has one intensely difficult climbing leg.  People on the Advanced Long (Red) course will need to maneuver across at least one boulder field.  I think anyone who tries the Advanced Long course will find it an interesting challenge.  Only symbolic control descriptions are provided for the two Advanced courses; I could not fit text  descriptions on  and keep the map on an 8 1/2 x 11 page.  If you are going to try any of these courses, I highly recommend that you do it before mid-May.  There are several areas in which ferns grow to amazing heights (4-5 ft).  In mid-summer, I could not even see my feet going through them.   STAY SAFE OUT THERE; LAUREL RIDGE IS A FAIRLY RUGGED AREA.

Look here for driving direction to Laurel Ridge SP

Just click on the course name to view the course; then print it or save it.

Beginner (White)   Length 2.1 km, Climb 50 m

Novice (Yellow)     Length 3.0 km,  Climb 115 m

Intermediate (Orange)   Length 4.1 km, Climb 125 m

Advanced Short (Brown)   Length 3.7 km, Climb 115

Advanced Long (Red)    Length 7.2 km, Climb 205 m

Important Note:  By downloading any one of the course maps, you are implicitly agreeing to the WPOC waiver of liability
with regard to attempting to complete that course.